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"Naisoch: A Step Towards Social Empowerment"

Naisoch, an organization providing free education and meals to underprivileged children, fosters unity and equality while striving for substance abuse prevention. We are advancing towards prosperity and cohesion in society.

"Education: Illuminating Paths"

Naisoch is committed to educating every girl and boy. We not only provide them with academic knowledge but also support them in illuminating their lives.

"Social Commitment: A Voice"

Naisoch is a voice that promotes unity and equality in society. We remain dedicated to substance abuse prevention, aiding the impoverished, and our commitment to education.

Omprakah kewat

Afsar khan

Pioneering Social Prosperity

Nai Soch embodies an ethos rooted in the values of social prosperity and communal harmony. It champions the cause of free food, education, and societal equality. Our outreach defines the trajectory of social change, and our capacity enables us to reach our goals.

Nai Soch is committed to the belief that education is a fundamental right for all, and it should be extended to reach their destination, especially for those children who are marginalized in society. We understand the importance of education and prioritize it, especially for girls who often face social barriers. We inspire them to carve a niche for themselves in society and to realize their dreams.

Additionally, we actively work towards keeping underprivileged children away from substance abuse. We are leading them towards a new mindset and new goals, bringing new hope and light into their lives. We also promote a sense of unity and equality in society, ensuring that every individual receives respect and rights.


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