Chairman Message



Imagination, creativity and value added service to the society are the quintessence of technological education. In this perspective the role of the teachers is of paramount importance, who through their knowledge and experience inculcate of such values in the building technician. Through education students gather information, their outlook converts it into knowledge; their experience transforms it into wisdom and ultimately offers it for the benefit of the society.
The natural constitution of every student comprises a variety of compositions other than fundamental intelligence. Those facets may be in the form of management, art, literary skills, games & sports to name few. If proper platform comprising good ambience coupled with motivation is not provided many a times all such inner strengths go unnoticed. Such talents are like light rays and platform is like a prism when it is held in the rays reveals the innermost spectrum of human personality. It is therefore imperative provide such facility other than curriculum infrastructure.

This will help in developing not only technical ability but also literary, artistic, managerial and other curricular skills for overall personality development generally for all and like a kaleidoscope for an individual student. We should keep our mind open to acquire the latest state of art and be student all through. We should be content with merely retrieving and perceiving information but to demonstrate our creative ability supported by analytical, logical, technical and managerial skills.